I heavily believe in communities and sharing my knowledge through participation, meetups / conferences, mentoring and networking at various events. Below are few highlights of my experiences over there.

Founder and Organizer at LecceTechCommunity

Founder and Organizer of LecceTechCommunity - I started this tech community when I moved to Italy from Pakistan for my master’s studies in December 2019 to organize tech and networking meetups.

Read more about out community here: leccetech.github.io

Like our Facebook Page here: LecceTechCommunity

Founder at TheCompleteCode

Founder and Organizer of TheCompleteCode - I started this tech community page in 2015 to share tech and programming related tips and etc.

Currently, TheCompleteCode focus on foster tech and communities.

Like our Facebook Page here: TheCompleteCode

Active mentor at TechKaro

Read about the TechKaro program here

I’m an active mentor in all TechKaro mentor-meetups, We give motivation to entry-level students and give them effective feedbacks and code reviews of their different web designing projects and tasks (i.e., 5+ projects in each meetup).

Active mentor at NodeSchool | Karachi Chapter

Website: https://nodeschool.io/karachi

I always get a chance to network & meet with some amazing personalities with node.js and JavaScript expertise. I always enjoy mentoring there.

Meetup #1

Event Venue: 17th February 2018 at DotZero, Tariq Road Karachi. About Event: Introducing NodeSchool Karachi Chapter (The Chapter Begins), a hands-on workshop focused on the learnyounode node.js exercises and some amazing talks & folks by IBM, Pakistan people focused on Node.js and IBM cloud servers.

Meetup #2

Event Venue: 7th April 2018 at Gaditek, Karachi. About Event: This event had some hands-on workshops. The goal was to get the attendees started with creating REST APIs with NodeJS. Following four talks were presented:

  1. Initiating a NodeJS app with Express & MongoDB
  2. Parsing JSON payload and saving data in MongoDB
  3. Parsing URL Params and sending back appropriate data
  4. Understanding and implementing File Uploads with multer

Active mentor at ngGirls | Karachi Chapter

Website: http://ng-girls.org/karachi

  • First ever community launched especially for tech women’s in Pakistan to invite them in the angular community, teach them to learn angular together and bring them together at a single platform.
  • In our first meetup, we Introduced ngGirls community and our mission and introduced angular tech to newbies and we also did some amazing exercise collaboratively.
  • Networking & talk with some amazing tech mentors and the participants too.

Active mentor at FreeCodeCamp | Karachi Chapter

Website: https://fcckarachi.github.io

Speaker at ngPakistan

Website: http://ngpakistan.com

Tech Speaker at AngularPakistan Karachi meetups. Got a chance to speak about angular in-front of 50+ people crowd at AngularPakistan meetups and talked on “Introduction to Angular and How to Build applications with Angular” and “Advanced routing in angular” topics.

Mentor at devncode

Website: http://devncode.tech

Totally new developed community with a great concept and motive, to gather amazing people on a single platform and help tech guys to present themselves in front of huge audiences by polishing their communication and presentation skills. In each meetup unique and advanced topics being presented and discussed by the tech guys from local industry. Always get a chance to network & meet with some new amazing tech people and I really enjoy spending my time and mentoring over there.

Tech Speaker at Recurship

Github repository of all talks: https://github.com/recurship/dev-sessions

We have a local community channel developed with the name of Recurship/dev-sessions, all of my talks can be easily found on the following Github repository.