Hi, I’m Narain! A Top-rated Full Stack developer & consultant, Web & Javascript specialist, community speaker, a tech mentor, an open source enthusiast and a freelance consultant passionate about web platform (especially JavaScript).
I live in Karachi, Pakistan and pretty much enjoying my life.
I’ve been working with JavaScript (i.e., Angular2+, Node.js, Express.js/Koa2, Loopback, etc) for last 3+ years.
I’m a huge fan of test-driven development and maintaining a high standard of code quality by following the market-standards and best-practices. One of my key goals when developing a software is to design it in a way that it’s easy to maintain and scale.
I’ve been part of various projects where I’ve had the range of responsibilities from the development of a user-friendly UI with the help of JavaScript frameworks like Angular and Ionic, well-documented API servers using NodeJS including a secure and scalable deployment of web-applications to cloud services like Amazon AWS.
Moreover, I enjoy speaking in front of a crowd, giving training, mentoring and sharing my knowledge through workshops or presentations at different community events and meetups. In my spare time, I enjoy watching cinemas, reading, traveling, visiting sea-side, swimming, and long walks.

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